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Acima Credit

No credit needed, buy what you need when you need it!

Don’t worry, will give you time to Pay. Apply for your Lease today and take your jewelry home with a low initial payment.


No Credit Needed

  • You can apply to the lease to own-program, even if you don’t have credit
  • Approval decisions for your lease is based on more than simply your credit score

Affordable and Flexible Payments

  • Easy Payment Options and Automatic Withdrawals
  • Payments Accommodate with your Payday Schedule

Requirements to Apply

  • Valid Social Security Number or ITIN
  • Bank Account Details
  • Credit or Debit Card
  • Be 18 years or older

Once Approved

  • Start Shopping Online or In-Store
  • Approvals are good for up to 90 Days

Review, sign and Make Your initial Lease Payment

  • An initial Payment will be collected when you Sign your Lease
  • Your Next Payment will not be due until at least 7 Days after you receive your merchandise

Let’s Build Your Credit Together

  • Acima Credit we’ll report your payments to credit bureaus.

How To Shop Online With Acima Credit

Get Pre-Approved

  • Get Pre-Approved for Acima Credit
  • Once Approved, Congratulations your Ready to Shop

Start Shopping Online

  • Shop Online, choose your Jewelry and Checkout
  • Put Acima Credit as your Payment Option

Sign Lease Agreement

  • Review and Sign Your Lease Agreement
  • Make you Initial Lease Payment