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Custom Jewelry for Men and Women

At Joyeria Daisy, we offer an extensive range of custom jewelry for men and women that feature personalized jewelry such as custom gold chains, gold bracelets, gold nameplates and much more. These unique items are the perfect way to personalize your accessories, whether you’re giving them as a gift or keeping them as a way to commemorate a special occasion.

Start Personalizing Your Jewelry Today

Make It Meaningful

When you get your custom jewelry, you can make it truly meaningful. In our Texas store, your local Houston, San Antonio, and Austin jewelry designer can make custom gold rings, a beautiful gold nameplate, and other gold and diamond jewelry into something that is an expression of your personality or your personal interests. While you’re welcome to come into our store from anywhere, you can also conveniently shop with us online for the perfect piece.

Take a look at our current selection of South Texas jewelry that can be purchased or financed online or in-store, and personalized for that special person or occasion.

Custom Chino Link Jewelry

Are you looking to take complete control of your custom jewelry? Checkout out our fully customizable chino link jewelry where you can take control of the length, weight, letter type and letter color. We offer a large variety of chino link chains and chino link bracelets to choose from.

Choose Your Options

Every piece of personalized jewelry offers a number of options that you can choose from to create your ideal custom gold bracelet, necklace, or ring. Depending on the item, you can choose everything from the size and weight to the style and color of the lettering.

This is a simple and easy process, and you can start exploring your options today.

Financing Your Jewelry

Everyone should have the opportunity to own the rings, pendants, or necklaces that matches their particular wants and needs. At Joyeria Daisy, we strive to make that possible by offering Acima Credit and Affirm to make it possible to take your beautiful new jewelry home the same day, and work with us to finance you with $0 down.