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Find the Perfect Promise Ring

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Giving a sign of commitment to a loved one is often done through a promise ring. Finding the perfect ring is something that buyers often stress over since it becomes a symbol of emotion and meaning. However, finding the perfect ring does not have to be so difficult. Here are some tips to find the ring that gives the message you want and your significant other would be proud to wear.

Metal Choice

The first basic choice is what color and type of metal should make up the ring band. The most common metals for rings are yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, and sterling silver. The color is the main noticeable difference, but each has its own benefits like durability, maintenance, and luster. Aside from these differences, the price will also vary between metals. If you find a ring you want that is a little out of your price range, you can try finding something similar in a different metal.

Ring Setting

The setting of a ring is how the jewels are placed or the design of the ring in general. The traditional setting of promise rings is with a heart symbol, but today any setting is acceptable. Trending designs are constantly changing, but promise rings can be trendy since they are meant to be place holders for a more permanent future commitment.

Some of the most timeless settings are solitaire rings and eternity bands. The solitaire ring is a setting with a large center stone while an eternity band is a line of smaller jewels. Another popular, timeless choice is a ring with three center stones. These are symbolic of love for your partner in the past, present, and future.

What to Notice

If you want to get a promise ring as a surprise without any input from your significant other, it is important to start noticing small details. Start with the styles of jewelry they already wear. Do they have a color of metal that is in most of their jewelry? Is there a certain shape or cut to gems? Another note you can add to your research is what style in general does your significant other wear? Are they traditional, modern, or quirky in their tastes? This can help steer your choices to something they would prefer.

What to Avoid

While there are many choices in promise rings, it is important that the ring does not look like an engagement ring. This is not just because they have different meanings, but also because it can be confused as an actual engagement ring. If you are sending a specific message, it is important that you use the right token.

Another thing to avoid is diamonds. While they are the most popular choice for engagement rings, they can make it look like more than a promise ring. It is also recommended to avoid diamonds because they are expensive. Promise rings should not be as expensive. Instead, use this ring to utilize other meaningful gemstones to fit in your budget while also giving the ring a great look. Some ideas are birthstones for one or both of you, a favorite color or stone, or something that is meaningful for another reason.

Create the Perfect Ring

Another great choice for a promise ring is to design the ring that would be the perfect choice. This adds extra sentimental value while giving you more creative power. Add an engraving into the band or sneak in small, meaningful details into your design. What matters most is that this promise ring will be a sign of your commitment to each other and take your relationship to the next level. 



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