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Give the Gift of Custom Jewelry this Christmas

What do you get the person who has it all?

They don’t even have to “have it all” to make Christmas shopping for friends and family a daunting and frustrating process.

For many people, choosing a gift comes with all kinds of hesitations and questioning. Is this something they need? Is this something they’ll like? Will they think I don’t know them at all if I get them this?

Should I totally wimp out and just buy everyone a gift card this year?

When you’ve reached the “gift card level,” that may be a definite sign that you’re officially in a quandary over all the gift-giving possibilities. So, we’re here to offer some simple suggestions for anyone who finds themselves in just such a predicament.

It’s Not the Thought but the Memory that Counts

Have you ever heard anyone say, “Remember that year that you got me that gift card to the Olive Garden? That was really great.”

There is certainly nothing wrong with giving gift cards, but if you’d like to go beyond “the thought that counts” there are a few options for you that are far more likely to leave memories that last beyond handing the restaurant gift card to the wait staff.

So, what counts as memorable then?

Is a gift memorable because it’s expensive? Does it have to have some kind of special meaning?

Well, that helps, but it’s also what trips people up sometimes. We start to overthink and over-analyze all our options, wondering if something says too much or not enough.

Will you build any memories around items that everyone is gifting this year?

You might, if you’re talking about getting your children the “hot item” this year and several injuries were sustained in the course of fighting your way to the toy section on Black Friday. But these items rarely fit into the “keepsake” category of our lives.

So, we need a gift that says just enough, is very unique, and is the source of many great memories…

This year can be your year to truly give that perfect gift.

Whether you’re here in Texas or anywhere in the country, this year, you can easily give the gift of custom jewelry and make some great memories without the stress and frustration of endless shopping excursions. Come into the store and we’ll treat you like family, or shop online and find easy financing.

Custom Jewelry for Men and Women from Your South Texas Jewelry Store

Personalized jewelry is a great way to give something very unique and personalized. And since it’s something that can be worn for years, they’ll remember that you gave it to them every time they put it on.

These customized pieces are great for men and women. Start by choosing the style of bracelet, necklace, or ring that matches their personality and style, and then begin exploring your customization options.

Will you add their name or initials on the pendant? Will you spell it out in cursive or properly spaced letters? What type of gold would you spell the letter in?

You can find a range of jewelry in both 10 karat and 14 karat white or yellow gold. You can set the length and weight of your jewelry to make sure it fits perfectly, and it doesn’t take long to find the style that will make it a memorable gift this year.

Financing for the Holidays

We all know that the holidays can be a real strain on the budget, and many people believe that jewelry for friends and family couldn’t possibly fit within their finances.

There are ways to make sure you can get the beautiful, unique jewelry you want this holiday season without breaking the bank.

You can take advantage of some simple lease-to-own jewelry or other financing options to get some great deals online or in-store and take home your jewelry today.

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