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Gold Cuban Link Chain Necklaces

The classic Miami Cuban link chain necklaces feature a distinctive, interlocking pattern of links that provide the iconic look and feel. These thick, tight links leave only a little space between them, so the chain is more rigid than other gold necklaces. This bold pattern and quality designs have made this style extremely popular with celebrities and famous athletes.

Get the Necklace that Matches Your Style

Explore our variety of styles and find the one that’s perfect for you. While the traditional look for Cuban links is yellow gold, we have some options in white gold, too. Find the right length and then choose a width from 4.4mm up to 9.3mm. Choose something simple and understated for everyday use, or go for the big and bold necklaces when you really want some extra attention.

Get Financing for Gold Cuban Necklaces

You can get the jewelry financing you need to acquire your Cuban link necklace today. At Joyeria Daisy, you can explore some lease-to-own and financing options with our trusted partners. You don’t have to wait to get the jewelry you really want.