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Gold Franco Necklaces

Franco necklaces leave no space between the link patterns, creating something reminiscent of snake scale or a tightly woven rope (not to be confused with gold rope necklaces). Despite the tight cut of the links, it still has plenty of movement and works well with almost any style.

A Stylish Option for You

At Joyeria Daisy, you can find an extensive range of Franco necklaces that fit your style and budget. Start by choosing white or yellow gold, the size of the necklace and width of the links, and finish by picking which pattern you prefer. There are several options here, so take your time and choose the one that will accentuate your style.

Get Your Franco Necklace Today

You can own an amazing Franco necklace today. At Joyeria daisy, we want everyone to have the opportunity to own the jewelry they really want, so we work hard to provide as many purchasing options as possible. Check out our lease-to-own and jewelry financing alternatives and order your necklace today.

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