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The Guide to the Perfect Chino link Bracelet

The Guide to the Perfect Chino Link Bracelet Image

The guide to owning a simple yet elegant personalized bracelet is so easy. With a variety of sizes, weights, and customization options you really cannot go wrong. The fact that this type of personalized jewelry is also gender neutral just gives you even more ease when diving into getting one for yourself or anyone else.

Let me give you a small and simple break down for what to expect and what you should consider when looking for one of these personalized bracelets.

Sizes for all

Generally buying jewelry should always be fun and easy but just make your life easier here are some examples of the sizes that would best fit you.

If you happen so to have a son or daughter and want to get them one of these chino link bracelets you have a range of length from 5.5in to 6in in size. This is just the estimate width size of the bracelet on the wrist of the child. This estimate ranges from infants to 5 years old.

The next size up would be for kids of the ages of 6 to 12 years of age. Typically, this will depend on the individual child’s wrist quite a bit more. However, a good estimate would still be from 6.5 to 7.5in in wrist size.

For the ladies you are looking at anything from 7in to 8in. This is going to be depend on the wrist size. Normally for a smaller lady its going to be 7in and for a “bigger” lady, because of course there is no such thing, 8in should be just fine.

Last but not least the young men would likely use a 8in wrist size, and for the larger gentlemen any size from 9in plus would be ideal.

Ideal weight

You might not think this a real factor when looking to purchase yourself a chino link bracelet by grams, and for the most part you are right. Although you also have to be mindful of who you are buying it for and what you intend to use for. When buying a bracelet, you will be asked how heavy you would like your bracelet. This is going to be measured in grams. You will have a variety of gram ranges to choose from.

So, let’s say you already picked out a length of bracelet for your son or daughter and now you have to choose the weight. It would be recommended that you have a range to choose from. For a child 16 to 30 grams would be best so that they aren’t bothered by it in the day to day life when they wear it. It’s all about convenience for kids so if you buy them a bracelet make it as comfortable for them as possible. This might also apply to any ladies looking into getting one of these bracelets for themselves.

Now if you really want to feel that weight of 10k gold on your wrist and want to walk around with the confidence of the world watching, 40 to 100 grams is the range for you. You could of course get a higher purity of gold, but this is probably not a good idea because the higher the purity the more malleable or soft the gold will be. What this means is the gold could possibly deform which is something you really don’t want. Especially if you plan on using the bracelet on a daily basis.

Lettering and customization

To add the finishing touch on any chino link bracelet you have to implement the script. Having the perfect finish to an awesome piece of jewelry. Normally people look to put either an initial a full name or a nickname. The only other thing is figuring out how you want it written on your bracelet. You can either get them in cursive for a more sophisticated look or you can them in normal text for a simple and genuine look. You could also use a different color gold if you really want those letters to pop off the bracelet. You can take a 10k bracelet and add some white gold lettering to get those karats popping coming off your wrist.

So, the guide to the perfect chino link bracelet makes the selection process simple. All you have is 3 things to consider and you will be on your way to designing your perfect and unique gold bracelet.



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