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Trends on Chino Link Chains

Trends on Chino Link Chains

No doubt that buying a chain is the most simple, and versatile piece of jewelry you can consider buying. That’s why we gone ahead and wrote out a blog to help you find the best trends on chino link chains.

Why is it a Great Choice?

Having the option to go from an extravagant luxury chain for those big party’s. At the same time being able to keep it modest, and not overwhelming.

Typically for a casual piece of jewelry the chino link chain is going to outstanding. The best thing about getting one of these chains is, you can always go back and add more links or remove if needed.

Best Size and Karat to Choose From

This fits all types of styles. You can either extend the chain for a person who is starting to grow out of the first size. Or maybe you are looking for a snug fit around the neck. Whatever the case you have plenty of ways to adjust the chain to you needs.

As with most gold products 10 karat is usually the best choice for something casual. This is because is give the metal the chain is made of the best durability. The weight is likely the most audacious factor. Normally a good rule of thumb is match the weight to the physic of the person. Of course there is no limit to style so if you can rock 100 gram chain go for it.

Try it Out

As with most chains the chino link chain is gender neutral. That gives it plenty of different uses. You can match with any kind of outfits this upcoming and festive Fall season.

Something fun and unique most people do not do is changing the color on one of these chains. Most people usually go with the yellow gold for the classic look. But if you want the chain to really pop going with a white gold initials and yellow gold combination. If you want something unique try going for a bold look.



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