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Why Would You Want to Lease-to-Own Your Jewelry?

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They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But when it comes to buying those diamonds, the cost adds up quickly. Jewelry is fun to buy, to give, and to wear, but it doesn’t always fit into a budget. One way to buy jewelry is to lease-to-own it instead of buying it outright. 

 Rather than paying for the jewelry up front, the customer signs a contact and can walk out that same day with the pieces they want to buy. You can make regular payments for a specified amount of time, and at the end of the contract when all payments have been made, you own the jewelry pieces. It’s very similar to jewelry financing, but the jewelry belongs to us until paid in full rather than borrowing money from a lender to purchase the piece(s). 

For those wondering why anyone would want to lease-to-own jewelry, here are five reasons why it is a great option.

  1. You can purchase high quality jewelry. When people cut costs on jewelry, you can often tell by the quality of the product. Many companies claim to have affordable, beautiful jewelry for less, but it breaks easier or turns your skin green from the reaction of the fake metals. Jewelry is a product that tends to have a lot of emotional significance, so buying higher quality pieces ensures it will last much longer, even generations.
  2. It makes buying jewelry manageable. Almost everybody knows that buying jewelry can be expensive, especially when purchasing items like engagement rings and detailed or personalized jewelry. Since some events don’t always come with a lot of time to plan and save money, leasing the jewelry is a great way to pay for it in installments. Paying smaller payments more often is a more manageable for a lot of people on a budget. 
  3. Improve your gift giving. When payments for jewelry are more manageable, it makes gift giving easier. Without the option of lease-to-own jewelry, some individuals would struggle to find a way to get those gifts. When it comes to giving someone you love a great gift, lease-to-own jewelry gives you more possibilities to show how much you care.
  4. More money in your wallet. Whether you have saved up money or not, buying high quality jewelry can take a toll on a budget. It can either put you into debt to a credit card with a high-level interest or it depletes your bank account. When you lease-to-own jewelry, it lets you keep more money on-hand in case anything else that may come up like an opportunity or an emergency.
  5. It is available to more people. Some jewelry stores give customers the option to finance their purchases, but this requires a credit check. Traditional financing is just taking out a loan, borrowing money from a third-party financial institution. With lease-to-own jewelry, credit scores are not a major determining factor, giving more people the opportunity to buy rings, necklaces, and more.

If you are in the market for jewelry for yourself or a loved one, consider taking the non-traditional path of lease-to-own jewelry. No matter what the occasion is, quality and overall look matter. With the lease-to-own option, it puts the high-quality pieces you have been admiring at a more affordable level. 



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