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What Necklace Chain Style Suits You Best?

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Necklaces are a styling staple. With different metals and thicknesses, there are many ways to style necklaces with outfits and fit them to the occasion. If chains make you feel overwhelmed and you are looking for new ways to style them, here are some great chain designs to consider.

Thick Chains

A timeless styled chain is a lovely thick chain. It is a great way to have a necklace that makes its own statement that can stand all alone. These thick, chino link chains are great for wearing with a dress for a night out on the town. They are appropriate for wearing to work for a fun and funky style. There are different styles of chunkiness within the individual chain links too. Some styles are just round, while others are square, have individually puffed or flat links. A good, big, chunky chain can come in gold or silver and fit with just about any outfit. There are even multi-toned chains. Chino Link necklaces are also gender neutral, so both men and women can wear these stand-out chains.

Thin Chains

There are many chains that range between 0.45mm and 1.9 mm thick. These are also necklace chains that can be worn alone with any color. One way to really change up thinner chains is to adjust the length. When the chain is thin, sometimes the best way to make it more noticeable is to make the length longer. Tying the chains into a knot can also give a variety to wearing a thinner chain. Men and women can dress up with a think chain. Women often like a dainty look on their neck so they can add a charm or layer it with other types for chains.

Adding Pendants

For many different styles of necklace chains, adding a pendant can completely transform the look. There are trinkets to add to different chains, pendants, lockets, and even letter initials. If you are looking for a great way to personalize a necklace, pendants are a great way. Giving a gift with some level of personalization is a great way to show someone you care. Whether it is adding a pendant that represents one of their passions or something engraved and meaningful to both of you.


One of the best ways to add a little variety to your necklace chains is to wear multiple chains at the same time. You can combine a chino link chain with a cuban link chain then layer them on top of each other to get that elegant modern look which is currently trending.

Another tip for layering necklaces is that different colors, thicknesses, and chain styles can be mixed and matched. Pulling out different chains from the jewelry box does not need a lot of thought. Adding thinner chains with a very chunky chain might be a bit more difficult, but with the right layering, it can be very stylish.

Buying the Right Chain

If you are looking to buy a necklace chain for yourself or a loved one as a gift, check out the variety of options at Joyeria Daisy. We offer different styles, colors, and lengths for every budget. Want to add a pendant for personalization or multiple chains for different layers? Our affordable options make it easy for giving a great style that fits each individual style.



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