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Top 5 Styles of Bracelets to Choose From

There are many options of gold bracelets to choose from. Normally with men’s gold bracelets a manufacturer will typically make them from 8 to 10 inches for an average wrist size. On a women’s gold bracelet your looking at a range of of 7 to 8 inches. However, if you check select websites online you can find a custom fit for any wrist size needed. Just look at the customization options for the fastest way to check for availability. You’ll also have different gold purities of bracelets to choose from such as 10k gold bracelets and 14k gold bracelets. Now with some general information in mind, here are top 5 styles of bracelets to choose from.

Cuban Link Bracelet

The Cuban link bracelet is made up of a series of interconnected curving links which line up when you put on the bracelet. The Cuban link from start to finish undergoes a beautiful transformation. First you choose the exact length and width as well as gold karat needed. The second step is actually making circular links a few at a time until the whole bracelet looks similar to a small dog necklace. The third step to the process is filling down the bracelet which is where it begins to look and take the curving look that you see on a traditional finished Cuban link bracelet. The final step is to polish down the entire bracelet and bang you have yourself a handmade gorgeous Cuban link bracelet to flash at all your friends and family.

If you want to add a unique factor to your bracelet you can always add an ID link at the middle with either your name or initials. Don’t worry about losing gold if you add one of these ID links you are going to get the exact amount you requested regardless if you add accessories to your bracelet. 

Curb Bracelet 

A Curb link gold bracelet is very similar to the Cuban link bracelet in appearance and in the process of being constructed. What makes a curb style unique is that typically instead of just having one pure color of gold you will have two or more. The only difference in the steps of actually making one of these bracelets is staining the different color of gold onto the surface of the links. After the staining of the gold is completed and set the jeweler will polish and electroplate the chain with the desired purity of gold. Electroplating is a big word that just means they will keep the desired color of choice and the shine of the bracelet. The mixing of different colors of gold will give your wrist that eccentric wow factor that will glisten night or day.

Figaro Bracelet

The Figaro style is made almost exactly like both the Curb and Cuban link bracelets with a couple of exceptions. The most popular way is to use 3 curb links with the fourth link being slightly elongated almost like an Oval shape. This three to 1 ratio gives the Figaro bracelet its trademark look. Typically, this type of chain is used and made in a much thinner link than its Curb and Cuban links. However, if you find the right sources online you can always make the links thicker to the preference of each person. This type of bracelet is often used in multiple different colors of gold since every third link you can easily see the difference in color tones.

Oval Bracelet 

The Oval bracelet is perhaps the first time we see a different approach to the building of the bracelet. This is because the bracelet needs much more finesse and design work. The bracelet uses one small link and one oval shape, but the Oval link usually will have a small spiral design done by shaping the gold under very hot temperatures. When the gold is heated the metal becomes softer and it allows for the metal is be shaped. The Oval bracelet like the Figaro style is used in a thinner link because it complements the style it is used for by most people. These bracelets are also used commonly in a two-color scheme because of the one to one ratio of the links. The three colors of gold are another style used but usually never just one because you want the colors to shine on each link.

Rope Bracelet  

The final bracelet on the top 5 styles of bracelets is by far the most difficult to make. This is because of the shaping done on the bracelet. At the start the intertwining resembles a Cuban link or Curb bracelet but unlike them the Rope bracelet is first heated, and hand designed to mimic an actual rope. If done correctly the lines should be millimeters apart and completely distinguishable through the entire bracelet from top to bottom. To a jewelry enthusiast this bracelet is the most stunning piece to be part of the collection. After the bracelet is designed with all the engraving finished then the final step is applied with the polishing and final clean up of the bracelet.

There are also other variations of this bracelet. The helix variation is also very popular and possibly more difficult to make than the first variation. Two strands of gold are taken and heated then perfectly coiled and shaped to make the rope engraving. The Rope bracelet almost exclusively is used in a single color so that the design of the engraving is the star of the show. But perhaps using a two color variation would look very nice on a helix design to boost the color of each strand of gold on the bracelet. 



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